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Localization Testing

ManVision software testing team has the readily available language expertise, resources, skills, and tools to provide qualified internationalization and localization testing services of the highest quality.

Our global consulting experience and commitment to the international standard of delivery assure clients of competent services for end-to-end localization of documents, field testing ensuring applications compatible with local conditions, quality assurance for usability and performance meeting local needs, and post-localization validation.

The technical proficiency of experts at ManVision Software Testing Lab promises product developers of all possible care for localization needs, defect identification and fixing, the lowest possible testing costs, and guaranteed quality assurance for localization functionality of an application.

We leverage the existing development process to the global and local market requirements using our expertise in software testing and product knowledge. Our experience in both retro-fitting and new application testing also comes in handy to make products ready for various focused markets.

Manvision offers the following services catering to the internationalization and localization needs of developers.

Service Offerings

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