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Performance Testing

Manvision offers a range of services to help you understand and improve the performance of your systems. The Manvision performance testing solutions suit all needs, ranging from advisory and managerial to test execution and performance optimization.

The expertise of Manvision will ensure that your application is ready, responsive and reliable when you need it to be.

Performance services includes:

Advisory services to analyze and implement process improvements to ensure that non-functional requirements are built into your project quality criteria

Measurement and Simulation services to help you model future performance of live systems and help with capacity planning

Project Test Execution to conduct performance testing on development projects, in order to mitigate the risks of deploying poorly performing systems

Managerial services to operate performance services in your organization, either as part of a project or in a Centre of Excellence

Technology Solutions to provide advice and assets for the performance testing of specific technologies, such as .NET, J2EE, Oracle, SAP and Citrix.

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