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Testing Center of Excellence

Many companies today still approach testing as a one-off event and adopt a project, or line of business (LOB) specific approach to testing, with no enterprise standards, tools or methodologies.

Best practices identified in the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) will be propagated across all projects assigned to the customer's applications. Manvision and the customer will use the testing models built from experiences gathered over the years to mature into TCoE. The application from this methodology will lead to improved deliveries and lower customer cost.

This Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) setup framework is achieved and will be supported by the other support groups within Manvision. The support to the customer comes at right time from the right group.

It is essential to establish a test strategy, define process, infrastructure, tools & techniques, set up governance, metrics and SLAs, communication framework, knowledge management plan to address the resourcing demands and to setup centralised delivery model.

TCoE Benefits

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