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Knowledge Center        

Leading Global Investment Bank is a company providing IT solutions to financial service companies in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Leading Global Investment Bank power award winning wealth management platforms for financial advisers, direct customers and the workplace. Leading Global Investment Bank has delivered platform solutions to major business partners in the UK, Australia and NZ, empowering them to grow their business and build exceptional products and services quickly for their clients.

Case Study 1 - Wealth Management - Australia

Leading Global Investment Bank is a leading wealth-management solution provider with more than $50 billion in assets under management. Manvision was assessed as the best fit, lowest risk, and preferred solution from offshore testing center in Hyderabad.

Our client was looking to develop and test its financial system in UBS due to significant concerns over the stability of the current system, processing issues, the number of manual workarounds in place, limitations to current system's reporting capabilities and the heavy reliance on using Microsoft technologies to provide developing and testing solution for UBS. It engaged Manvision to provide testing solution in end to end for broker and Super projects on WRAP platform

OnePath is one of the leading providers of financial services in Australia, including investment, insurance and superannuation.

Case Study 2 – investment management – Australia

Leading Global Investment Bank, a leading investment manager with more than $100 billion in funds under management, engaged Manvision to assist delivery of end to end testing solution from onsite for M1Evolution web integrated application. The desired result: a new, fully integrated operating model.

Manvision was approached by this client as they were in the build phase of M1Evolution project and wanted some guidance as to how best approach testing and needed in depth of Manvision involvement to deliver end to end testing solution at client site. The project was a multi-vendor one and Company A had already been involved with one of the vendors on an earlier project whereby the end-user experience had not been good. Client chosen Manvision for advice and some governance of the testing project assisted by Company A

Automation & Performance Testing Solution - Case Study on a Health Care Product

Client Profile

The Customer provides comprehensive benefit reimbursement services to Health Plans, Financial Institutions and HR Administrators and also provides benefit coverage for employees who choose to self-fund their health benefits programs. The Customer’s approach allows its customers to focus on selling and servicing their clients, while providing reliable and cost effective back-end capabilities.

The Customer used the services of ManVision to provide the solution for automating the testing of their Product that are delivered to their customers on long term basis. During the process, the customer involved ManVision in Test Consultancy activities like Test Strategy, Test Process, Automation of Functional, Database and Performance Testing of the application. Customer asked to perform a Proof of Concept for entire Testing Solutions at the customer’s location

The Challenge

Customer is using open source tools Selenium, utPLSQL and JMeter for Test Automation, Oracle Unit Testing and Performance Load Testing respectively.

Our Solution

In order to meet the challenges, the ManVision testing team prepared a Test Strategy document which highlighted the various tasks to be performed. The Testing activity was conducted in two phases:

Phase1: Study of the application and understand the existing code written for three areas. Comprehensive Study of the Application to understand and prepare the test plan and test strategy for existing test scenarios and test cases. We identified the area of the application that our client wanted to have automated.

Phase2: We prepared the automation script for existing sanity test cases to make sure the existing functionality has not been regressed due to fixes. Finally we delivered a regression test pack for the given test cases that can be used to make sure the major functionality is not disturbed. The test pack can be used as a regression testing for every Release across all major browsers. We analyzed the existing oracle code and suggested the different options and approach to use utPLSQL for unit testing the existing oracle code. We prepared and executed the performance testing scripts for few components of the Application that can be used to analyze the performance of the Application before and after every release.

The next steps that were planned for the customer’s requirement are in progress and these activities include Test Automation Framework Design for this Application.

Key Highlights

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