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Leadership Training

It refers to transforming how an individual THINKS, FEELS and BEHAVES in relation to other people.

Transformational training helps you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE through thinking differently, as opposed to just acting differently.

The charter for this business is to enable Customers mitigate business risk attributable to dependencies on Talent.

The Offerings are aimed at Personal Empowerment thru Peer Group based Learning Models , Mentoring and Coaching Frameworks for Self Actualization etc.

An illustrative list of programs would include:

Corporate Training on Products & Services : We ensure that your employees improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development.

Out Bound Programs for Self , Inter Personal and Leadership Development: The outbound training workshops we follow are very high energy programs for enhancing individual and team performance. Through these outbound management programs skills improvement takes place in the areas of teamwork, team bonding, communication, leadership, time management, problem solving, decision making, motivation, change and personality development.

Mentoring for Peak Performance : This is fast paced, skill-laden workshop, you will get the skills, confidence and tools to bring about a revolution in the way people are developed in your organization or work area. Implementation of this Coaching & Mentoring system will make your people more self-reliant, competent and effective. And it will improve operating results and cut costs normally associated with training, significantly.

Simulation Based Team Building :

Our Team Simulations are designed to:
1. Teach
2. Demonstrate
3. Improve
4. Strengthen

Executive Coaching Services : We believe coaching is very different than teaching or instructing. It is best described as facilitating. Our executive coaching services encourages the learner to learn for him/herself...As well as acquiring new job competencies, the learner gradually develops new and more effective learning skills. He/she becomes a proactive learner, capable of learning from almost any experience encountered.

Negotiating Skills : Effective negotiation is a skill, and like any skill, it can be learned. We help to prepare to negotiate, find out what the employer’s needs are, and try to meet them without losing sight of your own goals and ideals

Conflict Management : We aim to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in organizational setting. We believe that conflict can be managed by individuals in three main ways: domination, compromise, and integration, also other ways of handling conflict are avoidance and suppression.

Culture Building, Behavior & Attitude Modification : We help build Company culture with ultimate impact on work quality, job satisfaction and enjoyment, and employee retention; it will also help define your brand in the eyes of the customer. We suggest that the inter-structural composition of an associative network can be altered by the activation of a single node, thus activating an affective or emotion node, attitude change may be possible, though affective and cognitive components tend to be intertwined.

Building Emotional Intelligence : Through Emotional intelligence we will help you build stronger relationships, succeed at work, and achieve your career and personal goals.

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