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White Papers

Mission Critical & Secure Mobile Connectivity Case Study 1 :
Rolling Out New SSL VPN Service :
Typically, service providers offer infrastructure services, such as site-to-site connectivity and data center hosting. In addition to this, they are always exploring new opportunities to offer managed services to corporate customers. View More..

Mission Critical & Secure Mobile Connectivity Case Study 2 :
A Unified Approach for Securing Wireless, Remote, and Internal LAN Access:
In today’s enterprise environment, the proliferation of access methodologies such as Gigabit wired connections, high-speed broadband access, remote access from various locations (kiosk, internet café), and wireless networks, has driven the need for new services. Mobile and remote access to company resources are essential for remote worker productivity and business efficiency. However, larger scale deployments of wireless communication propagate new security and performance demands. View More..

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