About us


We believe in developing our business and technology solutions based on basics, fundamentals and simplicity. Complex problems should have more complex solutions is untrue and it actually brings in entropy into the system more quickly than expected. Meticulously designed simpler solutions are robust and long lasting.

Customer-Centricity is not a fancy word, it is to be believed in every sense and spirit of it, which we do. Our philosophy is, do not ask for others what you don’t want for yourselves. The partnership mindset that we carry in serving our customers is what makes us explore every single avenue to provide them the cost savings and the best quality rather than simply assembling a complex and fanciful technology or process for a solution.

We view technology as an enabler and not a solution by itself. Customers pay for the solution, not for the proliferated technology. Experience lies in understanding carefully and correctly the customer’s requirement and choosing the technology that provides the desired solution, supported by a clean and transparent governance and highest form of integrity.

Vision: To create continuously increasing value for all the stakeholders that make our organization

Mission: To create a growing organization that is a role model and is aligned to the requirements of our stakeholders by consolidating relationships and partnerships and by aligning the technology to produce the exact desired solutions.

Values: Walk the talk forms the largest part of our values. Integrity, Ethics, Transparency, CustomerCentricity are not just words that are to be mentioned traditionally in our charters but to follow them with utmost sanctity.


The leadership that drives ManVision is of heterogeneous character. Each one, on an average spent over 20+ years in their respective business areas with significant part of their careers across the globe. Put together the organization has on its side over 100+ years of leadership experience. What is common in that heterogeneous mix though, is the passion and desire to produce scalable and long lasting value by doing right things derived out of the enormous experience of creating wealth and value for the top organizations that they worked for. 20+ years of maturity across the globe serving internal and external customers helps us not stray but stay focused in giving the best value to the customers. The heterogeneity is also a great benefit for us to cross utilize each other’s expertise and experience to create the best and complete picture.

Giving Back

No aspect of life can be meaningful or complete without giving back to the society. And organization is no exception. We do give back to the society in various ways but prefer not to publish them since we want to play modest. But we would be glad to share the details with you if you want to know.