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MANVISION provides unique Cloud Enablement Services and Cloud Management Services for independent software vendors (ISVs) and IT departments who want to offer customers and end-users the benefits of cloud-based SaaS applications, including reduced computing costs, simpler technology infrastructure, infinite and elastic computing capacity, faster innovation, better application accessibility and improved ease of use.

MANVISION’s approach to Cloud Enablement and Management provides a way to rapidly and economically build, migrate and manage cloud-based applications so that they are secure, available, scalable, efficient and comply with cloud computing standards and protocols.

Unlike other companies that only offer cloud infrastructure management services for SaaS-ready applications and software products, MANVISION also provides services to redesign, develop and support your SaaS applications so you, your customers or your end-users can quickly reap the economic, architectural and strategic benefits that cloud computing offers.

MANVISION offers a complete “one-stop-shop” to design, develop, and manage cloud-based solutions tailored to meet the precise business and technology objectives of both ISVs and enterprises.