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Empower Ever Evolving Talent

Rapidly changing business environments, aligning workforce objectives call for strategic human capital advisory services. No firm can thrive losing/underutilising their valuable human resources. In the present context, firms feel imperatives like employee wellbeing and work transformation. 

Workforce Behaviour Analysis

Research finds employee actions impact business success, it is important to analyse employee behaviour affecting company’s success.

  • Task behaviour where employees performing tasks minimum to maximum as part of their jobs. 
  • Discretionary behaviour is a scenario where a worker uses discretion to go above and beyond their job roles.
  • Counterproductive behaviour where employees doing things which they ought not to do.
  • Attendance misuse where workers feign sick when they feel fine and resultant loss in productivity.
  • Turnover, where a worker leaving the organisation creating immense replacement costs, leading to decline in productivity. 

Firms need consulting to analyse their workforce behaviour to focus on their core areas. Consult us to identify and remediate employee behaviour factors impacting businesses.

Spur workforce performance

You can give a fillip to workforce productivity, overall wellbeing of workers with capital advisory services. We stand for best practices in in every firm’s HR process and offer the following:

Onboard Management:

Our broad intelligence platforms facilitate secure board meeting, organise meeting preparation and provide timely information across devices.

Performance Management:

Enterprises require performance management through clear objectives, periodical performance reviews and strategic performance improvement process. Specific goals like project goals, behaviour goals, job description goals, and stretch goals (skill enhancement drives) to boost employee productivity.

Role Mapping

Teams require role mapping techniques to improve productivity, promote job satisfaction by giving clarity about the roles, responsibilities and goals through one-to-one meetings, performance reviews, team transition etc. Role mapping makes meaningful engagement by mapping the future state processes in your organization.

Competency Mapping:

Organisations can cultivate excellence by identifying and nurturing inhouse competencies to perform in competitive environments. Our techniques evaluate the suitability of executives for their right roles.

Competency Assessment:

We have assessment centres to determine skills and abilities of the candidates, interview techniques, and psychometric tests to identify relevant competencies for job requirements.


Performance Appraisal System: Our PAS is a process we use to assess the performance of classified staff as it enhances organizational effectiveness and efficiency. We ensure communication is a two-way exchange (between the supervisor and employee).

Career Pathing: We help our employees to chart a course within our organization for his or her career path and career development which involves understanding what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience that is required.

Compensation Management: Enterprises need employee compensation programs and practices to motivate and retain their employees. We give ideas for informed compensation decisions based on industry, market salary, headcount, job role, certifications, location etc.

Compensation Benchmarking Studies:

Companies underpay their good employees or overpay not so good ones due to lack of knowledge on competitive pay. Compensation benchmarking helps firms to save money with compensation database insight tool and pay well the right talent. Consult us for right tools with analytics capability.

Variable Pay Plan Design: Manvision can help organisations with new plans or upgrade existing plans to boose performance through performance pay like sales commission, rewards, etc. Consult us to design and implement variable pay.


For ineffective reward system, a grading structure is the answer to address remuneration issues. Analytical job evaluation determines executive talent to perform productive as well as creative work. Grading helps to arrive at a fair remuneration.

Job Evaluation:

Enterprises need to do job evaluation for giving increments and remove inequalities. By determining pay rates of a particular position, firms can retain and develop their precious talent. Consult us for employing methods like classification methods, point factor methods, factor comparison methods, ranking methods to successfully evaluate the job.

Employee Engagement:

Organisations dream about their workers going extra mile. For that, they need cultivate emotional commitment among employees for quality service, customer satisfaction, increased sales, and ROI. Consult us to engage your staff for greater commitment.

Employee Engagement Study:

Organisations dream about their workers going extra mile. For that, they need cultivate emotional commitment among employees for quality service, customer satisfaction, increased sales, and ROI. Consult us to engage your staff for greater commitment.

Exit Diagnostic Study: Our Exit Diagnostic study is the most accurate instrument in assessing the issues that drive an individual to leave an organization, we also have other tools that illustrate why the individual is separating, what he or she valued while at the organization, and what aspects of the organization need improvement in order to increase employee engagement, performance, and loyalty. We help organizations to use the information gained from an exit interview to assess what should be improved, changed, or remain intact.

Our Clients benefit from:

  • Insights into compensations trends and competitor practices
  • Informed decision making through HR Statistical Research and comprehensive reports
  • Clarity in reporting mechanisms, roles and responsibilities, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Result Areas (KRAs)
  • Enhanced employee morale through alignment of reward strategy with performance and market scenario
  • Competitive advantage underpinned by an engaged workforce