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Automation software testing is seen today as a strategic step and is gaining a lot of focus in the product development world. Because of the fact that test automation and automated functional testing has the capability to decrease the overall cost of testing and improve software quality, it has become critical and strategic necessity in today’s environment of plummeting cycle times and mounting budget pressures. Automated software testing reduces the testing cycle times while enhancing the quality of testing. Software Test Automation further enables the test staff to focus on deeper aspects of testing

But, there are also some risks involved in this Automation Testing process. The key to success is to select the right Tool and Framework that fits your budget and suits your requirements. The right combination can only lead to a successful automation implementation and desired ROI.

ManVision Software Automation Services help our clients apply best practice and implement tools effectively to achieve the optimum return on their investment and provide real benefit to the projects in which they are implemented.