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Custom Application Development

Most of the projects fail due to non-adherence to the fundamental principles. Some of the important ones are listed below:

Effective requirements engineering on –

  • Clarity
  • Granularity
  • Implicit requirements and Non-functional requirements.
  • Spending either too much time or too less time on planning
  • Right resources without halo effect
  • Right measures in place and right monitoring to keep a watch on entropy

There is nothing new away from the standards perspective in the points mentioned above. Our strength comes from the fact that we adhere to those points with a religious fervor. The best practices, policies, standards etc. are as effective as they are followed strictly.

We have PMP ® certified Project Managers and we have a training center of excellence where our employees are continuously trained in best practices, case studies, lessons learnt and even helped with any resolution that they need for any specific problem.There is continuous improvement going on like that of an experiment in a lab to find more effective methods. We have a center for storing historical information and exchanging the lessons learnt, case studies, experiences, best practices. We believe that such information sharing helps learn how to make projects successful. It is like having expert guidance available.

We follow the SDLC meticulously and deploy right resources to drive that cycle well. We have efficient early overlaps between phase-teams so that they catch the project comprehensively.

Situational fluency and mapping are very important. Every case is different. We handle every case with the treatment that it deserves without using the same yardstick for all.

Another component that contributes to the failure of the project is the wrong type of contract that is chosen despite having all other things well in place. Chalking out an appropriate contract type is also a Critical Success Factor (CSF). When there is a lack of clarity in requirements going to a fixed price may lead to a friction especially when you do not have a strong Change Control Board (CCB) process. It is not just the expertise that helps us pass on the benefits to customer but our partnership mindset with which we look at the engagements that makes us explore every avenue for bringing value to the customer.

Setting mutual expectations that are realistic is an important element of collaboration that enables a smooth flow of project and also the relationship. In the absence of the above points, despite good intents and resources some things may go wrong. We have strong experience and expertise in coming up with a good engagement model

As part of chalking out the Offshore/On-site model, one needs to use lot of care. Offshore/Onsite model is extremely beneficial but if not handled well could be very counter-productive. Our leadership has lot of experience in this paradigm.

Our approach to application development and integration includes:

  • Full life-cycle application development
  • Collaborative development

System Interface Application Development process | ServicesA key facet of our offering is a suite of services to help you build and integrate sophisticated business applications and/or websites with your client server and legacy systems. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.

Our custom application development services include:

  • Application design, development, and implementation
  • Systems integration/consolidation
  • Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services
  • Implementation of packages
  • Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case

Our Application Development practice specializes in services that span the full software development lifecycle. Through our commitment to superior customer service and a personal dedication to helping our clients achieve success, we maintain a customer satisfaction score that is 20% higher than the industry average.

Our capabilities include:

  • Application assessment
  • Custom application development
  • Legacy application modernization
  • Application migration
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Mobile application development
  • Web/portal/content management systems development

Our technical expertise is centered on Microsoft®, Java/Open Source, mobile applications and other technologies such as PowerBuilder, Mainframe and ColdFusion.

Large corporations are in need of development and maintenance services that can free them up to focus on their core business. Our unique version of application maintenance also adds value by reducing costs. By placing the maintenance of your mission critical applications in ManVision Consulting’s experienced hands, you will be left with precious time to focus on fresh business ideas.