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Wield BI and data analytics weapons

Businesses use BI tools to diverse data historical and analyse third-party and in-house, as well as semi-structured data and unstructured data like social media to this information to gain insights on business performance. BI is not just focussing on generating reports, instead it examines data to track trends and derive actionable insights by searching, merging, and querying data.

BI and data analytics to impact enterprises practically

Key software models like SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, ERP, SAS function as growth drivers of BI and data analytics. According to Gartner 90% of corporate strategies will be done with data analytics; in other words, firms’ enterprise asset and analytics will be their strengths. When data and analytics form the centrepiece of enterprise strategy, focus and investment, the question before enterprises is, are you in the league, or do you lag?

Our data visualization and reporting tools provides clarity on data. The availability of high-quality business analytics technology like BI, data analytics tools positively impact the value-creating activities of businesses. Analysis gives a deeper understanding about customers’ needs to offer them personalized service and increase the efficiency of promotion in a larger scale. 

As the demand for digital transformation grew with the adoption of 5G, cloud service, AI, Blockchain, etc., enterprises need data analysis to analyse future trends and market dynamics. 

Receive God-like capabilities 

In the light of the above what we offer to ISVs and businesses?

Our core strength lies in Oracle Business Intelligence and Enterprise Applications capability. We have executed various Business Intelligence and ERP/CRM systems projects worldwide for industry verticals. Firms aspiring to gain God-like capabilities to predict future and realise ROI can partner with us for customized BI solutions, data management, application management etc.

Sectors like banking, financial services, insurance, supply chain and logistics, travel, healthcare, retail, defence can build industry specific analytics with our BI, data and analytics. 

Firms can apply intelligence anywhere

Our analytics for human resources with ‘Republic’ and financial reporting with ‘Verity’ to address all key sub functions in finance anywhere, anytime.

Use our cloud analytics solutions

Derive value with cloud analytics, leveraging AI and other analytic approaches to identify I/O patterns, evaluate application performance, and ensure compliance. Consult us to:

  • Test genomic data to study genetic disease and its cure.
  • Identify patterns in speech, images and videos for better customer service.
  • Study consumer buying behaviour to ensure timely product availability. 
  • Identify disease patterns to speed up medicine delivery and vaccines.