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Globalization has spawned bigger, more powerful competitors. Customers are more sophisticated and selective, demanding higher levels of service, quality, and customization.

ManVision Consulting brings a comprehensive approach to meeting any business organization’s objective of reporting and analysis of information. Our experts have in-depth Oracle Business Intelligence & Enterprise Applications expertise. With our strong background in data warehouse technologies coupled with our industry experiences in implementing various Business Intelligence and ERP/CRM systems, our Business Intelligence Experts have been helping customers to implement business intelligence solutions across all vertical applications.
ManVision provides End to End Business Intelligence solutions

  • BI Consulting
  • Customized BI Solutions
  • Application Management
  • Data Management

Domain alligned service offerings
ManVision has well defined maturity road maps for each of the domain areas we specialize in. This enables a firm to incrementally invest and steadily bolster its analytical capability. ManVision leverages its deep domain expertise in the areas of Travel and Transportation, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Banking, Consumer Retail, Financial Services and Insurance and has built industry specific analytics. ManVision also offers analytics in some of the common business functions like Human Resources and Financial Reporting. ManVision offers cloud based analytics in the area of HR with the name of “Republic”. “Verity” is ManVision’s financial analytics that can address all key sub functions in Finance.