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Increase the customer lifetime value 

Every business needs a strategy to optimize revenue, realise customer satisfaction, and cultivate loyalty. For that, they need CRM software to manage sales, customer service, marketing, and e-commerce. 

Smart companies use CRM analytics to synthesise consumer insights to help their clients resolve problems with its reporting tools, portals, dashboards, and other methods. A survey by Gartner on – customers receiving proactive service showed only 13% received and 87% did not receive proactive service. This shows the gap where smart players can act proactively to broaden their consumer base with the help of robust CRM systems.

Win with superior customer experience

A firm may have excellent products. But without proper customer service, it cannot survive in the market for long. Lack of integrated CRM solutions lead to missing growth opportunities and loss of revenue.

Businesses can partner with us to leverage service excellent and provide structured account management with our CRM packages. You can consult us for CRM/CX implementation to develop your CX strategy. We build, integrate and deploy technology solutions to nurture your client interactions with custom dashboards to analyse data.

Advantages like gaining insights through real-time data analysis, prioritising leads using multiple lead scoring models help you win the wars.

Make use of our expertise in CRM best practices to offer services like workshops, product reviews, selection to proof of concept, and implementation. 

Solar companies, build CRM 

Manvison team has high capabilities to provide CRM solutions for solar companies. We studied the demand in the market and ensure our CRM manage the past, present, and future projects considering lifespan, utility bills, and type of connection to the grid. Our products also meet evaluation criteria like fast response time, access to documentation, ticket system for support, diverse communication means (chat, email, phone) etc.

Our CRM has features to manage leads, compose quotes, process orders, analyse data and finally ensure global standards. With our CRM, you can perform your lead management with the option to create a submission on the interface and make the management faster.

Our single web-based solution helps you manage the entire customer relationship lifecycle like sales, marketing, customer support, and reporting.

Increase cloud-based CRM adoption

As we are aware of the need for cloud-based CRM solutions for multiple devices, clients in financial, telecom, supply chain and logistics, airlines, the government can partner with us for SaaS adoption. 73% of customers agree that customer experience drives purchase decisions. 

Our CRM cloud platform will help you reduce your operating costs and simplify deployment across your systems.

Who can partner with us?

If you are a small business wanting to excel, use our CRM software to ease the IT burden by automating the business process and focusing on your core business. Our software is customisable, flexible to suit your business needs like standalone applications for your specific line of business or multiple CRM tools as an integrated solution.

Pricing: 14999 AUD Incl. GST

Buy the software for your solar business today reach out to us on