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Reclaim your lost data

Data loss can throw a spanner in the operations of businesses, organisations, causing severe financial implications. Our experience in this field gave us insights on the whys of disaster recovery. Right from software failure, accidental user error, data corruption, power failure the reasons can include ransomware attacks causing more than two weeks of downtime. 

It seems many enterprises should blame themselves for the lack of network security for their systems allowing unethical staff to access sensitive files who update or delete vital files. Research by Varonis Data Lab in 2019, found 53% of firms expose more than 1000 sensitive files to their employees without adequate security.

Protect yourself from losing data

It is at this stage, ISVs, enterprises who have concerns for their data need consulting to recover their data. We provide emergency services all the days of the year. We have a history of data recovery from RAID, HDD, memory sticks, USB portable disks, SD cards etc. Our services meet the requirements of ISO14001 & ISO9001 which is a proof that you will receive top rated service. We have a team of experienced specialised data recovery engineers who can guarantee more than 96% success rate in any loss scenario like:

  • Desktop and laptop data recovery
  • Server data recovery
  • Tape data recovery
  • Database data recovery
  • Encrypted data recovery
  • On-site data recovery
  • File and email data recovery
  • Remote data recovery
  • Mobile recovery and forensics

Trust workers, but have access controls

Businesses need to understand 55% of hard drives fail within five years and data loss happen due to cybercrimes like hacking and theft. We provide 100% secure data recovery. We collaborate with Onretrieval, a global leader in data recovery.

Our approach is giving access controls, permissions to protect your files and folders. We provide access controls at the folder level helping you manage folder correctly and reviewing them regularly. Research shows 80% of firms with more than 1 million folders expose around 50,000 folders to their workers. We can take the responsibility of data subject to regulations like GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Partner with us.