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Security testing is a process used to determine whether an information system protects data and maintains its functionality as intended. Manvision offers companies both full life-cycle security testing (i.e. security testing throughout an organizations development life-cycle) and technology-based security testing to provide comprehensive security coverage of an application or technology implementation.

Technology-Based Security Testing

Where an organization wants to evaluate the current threat landscape of existing or newly implemented technologies, MANVISION is able to provide security testing solutions that enable partial or full coverage throughout the technology layers.

The aim of the execution of a defined technology-based security assessment is to establish a security baseline.

The key features of our extensive security testing solutions include:

  • Product security testing
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Identification of architectural, design, and implementation risks Website testing
  • Cross site scripting, including session hijack, script disabling, browser exploitation, cookie security, and user tracking.
  • Test coverage and security analysis
  • Analysis of security quality, standard, and capability to resist malicious access.
  • Flaw testing using SQL injection, XPath, LDAP, and other latest techniques
  • Testing for insecure object access, fake cross-site request, and others.