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Manvision Systems Network Emulators use a unique hardware-based architecture that provides the performance and repeatability necessary to authentically emulate the real-world networks that your storage solutions will be deployed in.

Our Network Emulators are used in test labs to test and validate disaster recovery, data center deployment/consolidation/relocation and storage extension solutions under real-world conditions. In addition, you can use the Network Emulators to emulate your production network and storage area network (SAN) environment in a lab to troubleshoot post deployment performance problems.

Key Benefits

  • Validate remote storage locations before deployment
  • Determine required bandwidth and assess sensitivity to wide area network (WAN) latency and impairments
  • Test Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) links at full-line rate 10Gbps full-duplex
  • Test backup and replication scenarios
  • Ensure that consolidation or movement of data centers does not cause loss of productivity