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Integrated system testing is a crucial component of the application validation process and involves end-to-end verification of applications. It ensures that the product software is compliant with set specifications, marketing demands, and business deliverables defined by the client purposefully and meets all required standards. ManVision, a premier software testing company with all resources at disposal, have been offering integrated system testing for product functionality verification in explicit scenarios.

Our focus remains on authentication of system’s ability to function on expected lines, in sync with other systems, and within the targeted environment. We make sure seamless coordination, integration, and data flow across multiple sub-systems of an application remain consistent and unfailing.

Our integrated system testing and QA consulting covers all aspects and paths related to varying data, business requirements, and user actions. These include:

System Testing Services

  • Decision table testing based on foreseeable conditions and business regulations
  • Performance testing keeping in view the specific environment and users
  • Test case design based on boundary value analysis
  • State transition testing keeping in view application transactions
  • Functional testing covering both equivalence partitioning and integration tests
  • Graph-based testing to identify relationships and errors blocking flow and integrated performance.
  • Volume testing to determine limitations and capacity to handle data
  • Usability testing from user friendliness and from end user perspective
  • Load and stress testing determining inputs and levels of extreme limitations and acceptability
  • Unit and component testing for each part and sub-system
  • Pair-based testing to check configurable options