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In light of our experience as an industry with causing 70 percent of our defects in the requirements and design phases of development, considerable attention has been directed to improving those development activities.

Certainly, more attention to analysis and design techniques will improve the quality of our software, but that is only part of the answer. Many organizations have not fully employed verification activities such as software inspections and early test planning and design. These verification activities provide the early feedback information that analysts and designers need to reduce defects when they are the least expensive to fix and to improve their methods, techniques, and processes.

It may be the right time for your organization to seriously consider improvements to your practices to enlighten that “black hole” often called testing. Managing our testing efforts to the same level of attention that some of us pay to other development activities can significantly increase our confidence in our testing and help us better determine software readiness for delivery.

Finally, experience is a master teacher that can explain the theories, provide examples and relevant war stories, and motivate and encourage organizations to overcome obstacles to improving testing practices. Developing a certain amount of in-house expertise (champions) on technology adoption significantly increases your probability of success.