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While many organizations have identified the problems with testing, they have not been able to solve all challenges of the testing and still find it hard to complete their test cycles and reduce customer issues.

MANVISION’s core review and identify process and implementation deficiencies. The team will also assess your Test Organization’s Maturity by evaluating people, process and execution models. MANVISION’s complete focus on Testing and Quality Assurance help our customers refine their testing process.

Test Process: Key Features

  • Flexible test process allows adoption of existing methodology and process to the maximum possible extent.
  • Always scope to include and follow client suggestions at any stage and make sure the testing and QA consulting result reflect the same.
  • Customized test development and well-defined process in consonance with industry standards ensures your application has greater market acceptance.
  • Expertise in creating all types of test scenarios as per application testing requirements assuring the best possible test development and application validation.
  • Superior human and technical skills able to work in different models, such as V model, Agile/RAD, Spiral and Waterfall, guarantee the most viable solution.
  • Test process explicitly defines requirements and parameters and clearly defines role and responsibility of each sub-process ensuring no overlapping or time and cost overruns.