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If usability is not taken into consideration, even a system that delivers all the required functionality can fail to deliver the expected benefits.

As high usability leads to higher system acceptance by the end users, it can be used to gain a competitive edge for commercial products. Equally, high usability for a company’s own internal business systems will tend to improve efficiency.

Manvision implements usability testing to help companies guarantee the user-friendliness of systems, thus creating the best conditions for end user satisfaction.

Service Overview:

  • Information Technology – evaluation of software products
  • Hardware and software ergonomics
  • Usability of mobile tools and multimedia user interfaces
  • Usability of everyday products and special equipment
  • Human-centered design processes for interactive systems
  • Style guide creation


  • Usability analysis of business processes
  • Measurable Features
  • Software user-documentation process


  • Review and audit existing processes
  • Review and audit existing processes
  • Special Usability Methods in the application Lifecycle
  • Expert and end-user test