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ManVision’ User Acceptance Testing Services authenticate lengthwise big business procedure, system dealings and user admission corroborates the system or application is functionally robust for use and performs as expected. Moreover, identifies the regions where user needs are not incorporated in the system or the needs are imperfectly specified or infer in the system. Hence, it is a given that our User Acceptance Testing involves momentous contribution from our customers. We work with our customers’ right from the prerequisite explanation phase to successfully partake and supervise the user reception testing procedure.

ManVision QA team distinguishes that the detailed focus during UAT should be in terms of the accurate real globe convention of the submission. Our UAT testing will be prepared in surroundings that conjure up the real world or production background. The test cases are written using real world state of affairs for the application. The test team develops test scenarios, and scenario-based testing is used to demeanour User Acceptance Testing.

Advantages to Business:

  • Track Record of Handling several projects from different domains
  • Rich experience in Domain Knowledge
  • To reduce the Risk and improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Track progress of testing on a daily basis and provide statistics to Business.
  • Ensure deliverables are completed as per agreed schedules