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Connect and communicate

Organisations require connected systems, devices for exchanging data and resources. As they work in distributed locations they require networking using switches, routers, cables and business applications. Enterprise computer networks facilitate communications for business, entertainment and study through online commerce, live-streaming, and social networks.

At Manvision, we provide networking for businesses of all sizes with the following.

Gateway appliances to manage your physical and virtual networks where enterprises can control their network traffic with network appliances. Our experts will help you route multiple VLANs, for firewalls, VPN, etc.

Manvision has a team of networking experts to configure Virtual Private Servers (VPS) solutions to enable data transfer between executives, customers on multi-clouds.

We execute networking projects with:

  • On-premises switches to control your network traffic.
  • Routers to share single internet connection, connecting multiple networks, connecting your businesses to the world. 
  • Access points for the networks to support multiple devices. 
  • Wireless networking for centralised deployment, cloud-based deployment and converged deployment.
  • Load balancers to distribute workloads and network traffic across enterprise servers. 
  • Content delivery networks (CDNs) to store content in distributed locations. Our experts configure CDNs to decrease bandwidth consumption, to protect from traffic surges, to safeguard from hacks and attacks. Gaming firms, application creators, e-commerce sites, on demand media form our user base.


Enterprises deserve secure networks

Data Breaches are common! Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reveals 1,111 data breaches in 2021. Cybersecurity Ventures, a researcher providing cybersecurity facts, figures predict there will be new attack every two seconds as ransomware criminals refine their malware content. It the mission of Manvision that firms partnering with us should be cyber-secure.

Network security is vital for organisations to deliver products and services to staff and clients. Enterprises and organisations working with computers must have adequate network security to safeguard from unauthorised users, viruses, and threats. As enterprises have moved to cloud by many companies, network security is important to protect client data, safely share files, and provide reliable access. A robust network security protects information or data loss from malware, ransomware. 

Manvision provide security with the following means.

  • Access control to restrict bad actors from gaining access to your networks, to prevent DDoS attack or malware.
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) intrusion prevention system (IPS) to give protocol analysis as well as signature matching. Our experts will deploy IDS/IPS behind firewalls as a solution to this. 
  • Sandbox to run code, observe, analyse and code in a safe, isolated environment. Sandboxing prevents threats from getting on the network by inspecting untested or untrusted code. 
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) Network Detection Response (NDR) to determine the presence of threat by examining the traffic, identify anomalies like traffic spikes using ML and statistical approaches.
  • Threat control by preventing malicious activities of bad actors with firewall and load balancers.