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Transforming enterprises with modernisation

With evolving business requirements enterprises consider  transferring their existing applications to another. As several open-source environments are available businesses can cut their cost if they migrate their apps from the existing environment one to new one. For that, businesses need to modify their software to work on a different system. An example for this is working with Linux environment for their existing apps. This requires certain modifications in the program to run in Linux.

Another example is migrating from Unix to Linux or migrating an on-premises Linux server to an Amazon EC2 Linux. Rapid digital transformation prompt businesses to address dynamic market demands with IT landscape modernisation, processes, and impart agility. SMEs need consulting to understand specialised requirements like AI, re-architecting existing IT landscape with microservices, re-engineering applications with DevOps delivery as by moving data to Cloud.

Factors like workplace automation, digitisation, processes that support redefined organisation threaten legacy structures and calls for modernisation.

Thrive in a fast-paced environment 

In the earlier scenario, modernization projects like mainframe or application rationalization, implementing a packaged SaaS and PaaS for specific functional areas were executed in silos. When digital transformations became sweeping with both investors and customers turning digital, it became imperative for organisations to consider modernization as a strategic priority and enter the digital world. 

Enterprises should see patterns like modern architecture, AI infusion, people transformation, innovative models to execute projects and be adaptive.

ManVision tracks the trends and have geared up to support IT modernisation, home grown code migration, renewal, portability and data conversion. For businesses, the right way to enhance business value in existing legacy systems is by gradual migrating, porting the codes in legacy environment to open-source platforms.

Move your legacy environments

Research has shown the real cost of running such software cost US $337 a year in the U.S. This apart, cost escalates due to security, integration and compliance, lost business opportunity etc. 

Organisations need to think whether their in-house solutions scale with their evolving business requirements or keeping pace with digital transformation. If not, consult us to move your legacy environments to a new open-source solution and evolve with changes.

When you partner with us to migrate existing applications to open-source environments, we give add ons like GUI interfaces, web enablement, switch from flat files to XML and SQL technology. If your considerations are faster legacy renewal, cost effective modernisation, then we are your right partner.

Our portability services retain core business function while applying modern technologies, it provides a future proof approach.

WebSphere portal services

Our portal services include WebSphere portal services. Firms can consult us for:

  • Sizing and scoping of a WebSphere Portal Installation and upgrades
  • Application Design using WebSphere Portal
  • Portal Architecture
  • Portal Workshops
  • Portal Quick Start
  • Troubleshooting a WebSphere Portal Application
  • Performance tuning
  • WebSphere portal application deployment
  • WebSphere administration


Gartner recognizes Liferay as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. Liferay with its flexible architecture offers high-end functionality, scalability, and compatibility with major application servers and database platforms. Liferay Portal has a reputation for achieving exceptionally lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Reach us to learn more.