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ManVision provides services to support all forms of legacy, commercial solution or home grown code migration, data conversion, transformation, renewal and portability. We understand there is business value in your legacy systems and one of your best strategic options is to preserve this valuable asset by gradually migrating, rapidly converting and/or porting this code to open source platforms.

Many organisations are quickly realising that their proprietary applications or in-house solutions cannot scale with their evolving business requirements, and many are considering open source alternatives. The process of moving from an entrenched application to a new open source solution can be daunting in terms of expense, down-time, complexity, and lack of technical expertise.

We provide services to migrate existing applications to the power and flexibility of open source applications. As part of this renewal process, we can add GUI interfaces, completely web enable, switch from flat files to XML and SQL technology and more. ManVision provides these legacy renewal services faster, more accurately, and at less cost because we automate the whole process.

ManVision helps clients evaluate modernisation strategies, and understand their strengths and weaknesses such as:

  • Replacement of applications with packages
  • Redevelopment of the applications, retaining core business function while applying modern technologies
  • Transformation of applications, offering an evolutionary future proofing approach
  • Addresses the problems of obsolescence and the exploitation of new technologies

Whatever approach is adopted, separation from the existing system can be problematic. You will need a strategy that will terminate dependence on the application systems that currently exist. You will also need to be partnered with an experienced service vendor that you can depend on with the knowledge and experience of having migrated from legacy systems to open source applications.

WebSphere Portal Consulting Services

ManVision’ certified WebSphere Portal developers and administrators will become fully integrated into your project team to assist with any phase in the lifecycle. Whether managing a project or augmenting your team, ManVision brings its expertise on over WebSphere Portal projects to your initiative.

ManVision WebSphere Portal consulting services include:

  • Sizing and Scoping of a WebSphere Portal Installation
  • Portal Architecture
  • Portal Workshops
  • Portal Quick Start
  • Application Design using WebSphere Portal
  • Troubleshooting a WebSphere Portal Application
  • Performance Tuning
  • WebSphere Portal Application Deployment
  • Administration
  • Skills Transfer, Mentoring & Enablement
  • WebSphere Portal Application Upgrades


Liferay is a lightweight, interoperable Open Source enterprise platform with a flexible architecture and an impressive product roadmap. Companies worldwide have been using Liferay Portal because of its high-end functionality, compatibility with most major application servers and database platforms, and scalability. Based on Open standards, Liferay Portal helps organizations achieve exceptionally lower total cost of ownership (TCO).