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Why Strategic Healthcare Management

Hospitals needs to manage projects that require specialised medical knowledge and strong technical skills. This is due to increasing competition between healthcare facilities, the rising expectations of patients for high standards of care, superior medical infrastructure and cost pressures to operate healthcare facilities. Besides this, healthcare providers need to adhere to national and global regulations to meet quality and standards. Project healthcare management is the answer to all these challenges. 

Healthcare centres should incorporate IT for their budget allocation, industry regulation, security issues, compliance, and safety issues to succeed in their projects.

Needs procedural changes in treatment

As risks from healthcare risks are rising, successful healthcare project management can increase the sector’s performance. A PWC study on medical costs showed employer medical cost set to rise 6.5% in 2022. Good healthcare project can increase the standard of care with the help of procedural changes used in the treatment.

Addressing Compliance Risks

The challenge from healthcare project comes from the need to protect patient information according to HIPPA regulations. Exposing or sharing of patient data can lead to litigation. On the other hand, robust healthcare project execution can mitigate legal risks. 

Healthcare projects suffer from rising costs therefore, healthcare providers should have a system in place to ensure projected budget should not cross the actual costs. They can realise this with the help of project budget dashboard. You need have this question in mind, 

Is this project a realistic step toward achieving my overall strategy?

To achieve your overall strategy, you need consulting services. 

How our Processes meet your Expectations

For healthcare management projects, we use a combination of various diagnostic tools and techniques across phases and suggest corrective measures with heuristic, scientific, empirical and expert judgment. 

After considering the above, we design a set of health points/symptoms, analyse them across triple constraints: (Time/Schedule, Cost/Resources, Scope/Quality) to execute the project.

Our experience on Centres of Excellence (COEs) built around some of the key areas help us incorporate the best practices, lessons learnt, upgrading etc.

Consult us to:

  • Increase the standard of care by changing the procedures used for treatment
  • Improve coordination between healthcare staff.
  • Improve budgeting, by aligning resources.
  • Increase coordination among physicians, patients, diagnostics, health insurers, government agencies, and sustainability stakeholders. 
  • Use Lean, Six Sigma or the 5S methods to identify and eliminate wasteful processes, provide acute medical care and timely treatment.