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Our Mobile Smart Framework (patent-filed) is very unique, simple, robust, flexible, customizable, interactive, real-time and comprehensive in nature that works on Smartphone, normal phone and web even. It interfaces SMS and Computer in way that makes the mobile phone a virtual keyboard. You can run commands from the mobile phone on a computer and get services. This framework is so flexible, simple and robust and is designed in such a way that the users can design and run their own products/utilities and services and customize them to both smart phone and Text based phone. Some of the representative features/products/services/tools are: MCA Tests, Content Sharing and Customization, SMSsite, Results Management System, SMS2Email and Email2SMS, Personal Blog, Polls, Alerts, Timed SMS, Accessing social networking sites etc.

A few important advantages and differentiators of these products are listed below:

  • Since processing is done at the high end servers and only the result is returned it is extremely fast and efficient. This turns an ordinary mobile phone into a powerful computer and a browser.
  • Since no software needs to be downloaded into the mobile phone and installed there is no worry of virus which could be very harmful from stealing data or identity etc. perspective besides the complexity of installation and maintenance etc.
  • There is no accidental erasure of data in local mobile in operations like syncing, virus, re-syncing etc
  • Even if the mobile phone is lost, your stored data and activities are not lost since they reside in our server. You can always retrieve your data or continue any incomplete/pending activity once you get your duplicate SIM from your provider.
  • Some alerts like work break alerts (periodic alerts that tell you to take a break for your eyes and shoulder and do some stretching etc.) could be put on your office computer but most of the companies do not let you load software that is not approved by the company due to information security concerns. The firewalls within the company may not let you access some services like this on your machine. Also, when you are giving a presentation suddenly if a pop-up comes on your screen like ‘move your eyes away from your computer and do some stretching exercises it may be embarrassing. Using a personal mobile phone for this service like we provide addresses all the above issues.
  • Since it is on a normal SMS and short burst in data, there are no software or hardware compatibility issues and any ordinary mobile could be used which makes this very cost effective.
  • Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life much like one of our body parts. As it is based on a unique number which is assigned after a rigorous verification process, this could be used as a quasi-biometric device for identity or any confirmations or feedback or tickets etc. Eliminating the need for papers which saves trees.
  • Even if the connectivity is not continuous and is intermittent, our framework still works which does not need a continuous connectivity. A short burst of data is enough. This helps in NOT choking the bandwidth as it is only used for a short burst of time unlike continuous capture of bandwidth.
  • Even if you are in a remote location where you may not find a machine with Internet access you can still carry on with most of your data access through our framework.
  • You can access your data or do some activities on the fly without having to wait to go to a place where there is a computer and Internet Connection.
  • You can utilize productively some free time (like waiting for a bus, or at the Doctors) without having to carry a computer with you. Children can be put on some interesting things like quiz, word games which will make them busy and also encourages learning.
  • Sometimes when you are in a meeting or flying or travelling through a place where there is a possibility of no signal, you can put an Out of Office (OOO) message that will tell your people who are trying to reach you of your status.
  • This is a PULL-concept and hence not annoying to the users and he/she can pull data as needed, as many number of times, any time even if the SMS is deleted by chance (unlike PUSH)
  • Since it works on any kind of mobile with SMS capability (and of course SmartPhones), anyone can use these products without a need for an expensive phone. If Users have a Smartphone that works well too.
  • PIN mechanism and Buddy Lists provide additional security aside from the built-in security that only authorized mobile phone can access information.
  • Designing and Publishing SMSsite is a breeze and hence up to date information could be made available in a jiffy.
  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests can be taken from anywhere, anytime. Will be very economical to conduct such tests. Saves time and money.
  • If you don’t have power at home you can’t use the Internet. But with these products you can still access most of your information needs even without Internet connectivity on your normal phone. If you have data connection on your phone, you still don’t have to spend lot of ‘air time’.