What we offer?
ManVision is a “One Stop Shop” for all of your business challenges around Talent.

Why should you look @ a Partnership with ManVision?
The answer is simple – your business interests are safe in the able hands of Industry Veterans who own and lead this service line, and bring to the table over 75 years of combined proven leadership acquisition and management experience. The service line owners and leaders bring rich expertise of scale, technology appreciation, cultural diversity and intimate understanding of pain points of customers business that pop up business challenges & risks around the talent.
ManVision Consulting Staffing

If you are a Customer, or an Investor or a Prospective Candidate or someone from comparable competition – we are sure “ManVision Way” to denote the way we think, do and communicate @ ManVision is sure to leave with lasting impressions and experiences that you would recount for times to come. Our Customer First approach and way of doing things is clearly a decisive differentiator if you have not made up your mind in looking at ManVision as a Partner in your journey to success.

ManVision’s differentiator’s are unique and stand out from comparable competition. This is endorsed by the sharp focus (20% of high end of technology skills that account for 80% Talent Demand – across spectrum of business domains) and specific & unique to ManVision Way of doing at each step of the Talent Life Cycle.
ManVision Consulting Staffing

ManVision’s methodology, frameworks, practices, tools, techniques, practices and vision remain embedded @ the core of the ‘ManVision Way’, irrespective of whether you are from an Information Technology Services/Product background, Traditional Industry Domain as in FMCG, Retail, Health Care, Pharma, Life Sciences, Infra, Logistics, Energy & Utilities or ANY other Industry Vertical or Domain. Our Focus is Mid to CXO Level and is tailored to suit the specific business needs and context of our chosen Customers.

Two distinct aspects differentiate ManVision from the remaining competition companies who are either in Start Up or Steady State and Mature levels – these are:

  • Intelligence in our Approach &
  • Collaboration as a Way of Partnering with Client Organization.

ManVision’s fulfilment of Client mandates are differentiated in every step of the Process Life Cycle – these are detailed here:

ManVision methodology mandates that for each instance where a Customer awards a mandate – the Service Line Owner to seek a meeting / conference call with a view to understand & appreciate the 360o of the context around the opportunity. A specific set of questions are posed to elicit complete detail from the Hiring Managers in Customer Organization. Post the validation – a debrief is handed to the specific team member who is assigned the task of fulfilment.

The next step of the process life cycle @ ManVision is to initiate the Due Diligence by the individual team member in this Service Line, with a view

  • To secure firm awareness of the knowledge, Skills & Attitudes / Capabilities/ Competencies required of a potential candidate to deliver to the customers expectations.
  • Good appreciation of the specific skills set and its role in the Clients Business, current/latest version of the product in usage in Client Orgn / competition landscape where applicable
  • Product vendor who is the tool / technology evangelist of what the Client is seeking to hire talent in.
  • Competitive landscape of the Client company for mapping potential target companies for sourcing

ManVision’s greatest and perhaps biggest USP is “the Way of doing things” in everything we do – this manifests itself in the Staffing Biz profusely. The Pareto Principle of 80-20 comes into play here too.

  • Industry/Domain Overview of Client Organization. List of Service Providers for Customers globally
  • List of Top 20% Customers engaging 80% of Talent from Service Providers
  • Service Provider Company wise Head count – demography spread
  • Mapping Engagements inside the top 20% of Target Companies
  • Developing a Matrix of Compensation, Notice Periods, and Experience Band Wise.

Once we “zero in’ on the top set of Target Companies – the same is shared with the Client Hiring Managers and we fine tune the same and Co Create the way forward for enabling smooth fulfilment.

ManVision does this very crucial step in an entirely unique way of doing things. Focus is devoted to an array of methods of sourcing – the first of which is draw on “Networks of Goodwill & Relationships” to shorten the time needed to reach the potential candidates. ManVision’s Leadership have consciously cultivated and nurtured these networks over their years of working in the Staffing Domain. This method gives access to literally every Company that’s in the radar of “target companies “which is drawn up via the Market Intelligence methodology.

This sourcing methodology is supplemented with a deep dive into Social & Professional networks that each of the members bring to the table. This widens the funnel of target candidates and complements the above initial work.

At the next step, our team members get across to the ‘targets in person’ to size up the potential candidates and build surrounding eco-system around each one of them.

The ‘outcome’ of all of this detailed activity results in our being able to un-earth CVs which are NOT visible to either Client Organizations NOT to competition companies of ManVision. The possibilities of Duplication of CVs is minimized and our ability to generate “unique” CVs is almost 100% – for which reason our Clients choose to partner with ManVision. The search is primarily localized while yet offering a healthy mix of candidates outside of the City where the Client Organization is situated.

ManVision’s Candidate validation process involves our giving prime consideration to the company’s existing business, work-culture, structures, processes & systems and business plans. We focus on the JD, KPIs, Career Opportunities, Implications, relocation, and compensation package.

Our next differentiator is our internal technical screening of candidates before “proposing” to Client Organization against the mandate. This is enabled by the network of champions which are a great asset to ManVision repository of Differentiators/ USP’s

Once cleared by the Internal Tech panel – an informal reference check is carried out to establish authenticity of experience claimed by the candidate, his performance credentials and the circle of people in his eco system which afford a window into his likely success in the Client Organization.

The preliminary interviews result out in short-listing of highly qualified candidates. Confidential reports are generally prepared and submitted to our clients @ 1:2 candidates per position

After the informal reference checks, we schedule a meeting between the short-listed candidates and the client with best in class logistics maturity.

After client interviews, we conduct a formal reference check of the selected candidates. Our Team contacts companies to validate key aspects pertaining to the candidate. The data thus collated is then reviewed with the client.

This denotes receiving the Client decision on Select / Rejection of the candidate. In case of Rejection, detailed reasons are sought for the decision and the same is utilized to fine tune the search process.

The select decision is communicated to the candidate, post receiving the Client Company via email by ManVision. We insist on auditable trail for purposes of credibility and for process maturity.

We facilitate offer closure by setting the right expectations from the Client Company and the Candidate perspective.

We keep in touch with the candidate until the time he/she gets on board the Client Company

ManVision has the Following Offerings to Customers in all spheres/domains/verticals/business contexts such as Information Technology Services/Product background , Traditional Industry Domain as in FMCG , Retail, Health Care, Pharma , Life Sciences , Infra, Logistics, Energy & Utilities etc., We would hasten to state that list is just an illustrative but not exhaustive one. No context is a challenge for ManVision since we have world class and time tested way of delivering.

ManVision provides specialized project based hiring solutions which are designed to meet the “just- in-time” hiring needs of the clients. Outsourcing project based hiring assignments proves effective in situations, like opening of a new branch, temporary or contract based hiring, seasonal hiring, sudden recruitment challenges etc. ManVision is equipped with talented resources, unmatched industry experience & a dedicated team for managing your project specific hiring needs. We are an extensive process oriented company which helps us to deliver quality services in shortest time frame.

We always strive to connect time-strapped employers with skilled job candidates. Our Permanent placement services are better than the rest of staffing firms in today’s competitive market in terms of quality, response time, and credibility of the executive being hired. If you desire a proficient staffing consultant, ManVision is the company for you.

Our specialized RPO services are designed to effectively handle the entire recruitment process of our clients focusing on speed of delivery, quality of talent & accountability. We are well equipped with talented consultants having varied industry knowledge & expertise to execute complete recruitment assignments of the clients. Our services includes -:sourcing; screening; testing; interviewing; background checks; coordinating offer letters; on-boarding and handholding for successful integration of the candidate in an organization